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Mirena (52mg Levonorgestrel) approved for 8 years contraception­

Mirena® was approved in the UK for extended duration of use in contraception for up to 8 years.

Contraception: Mirena is effective for 8 years for contraception and should be removed no later than 8 years after insertion.

Idiopathic menorrhagia: Mirena is effective for 5 years in the indication idiopathic menorrhagia. Clinical data (from clinical trials conducted in women of 18 years and over) beyond 5 years of use are limited, return of symptoms may indicate reduced efficacy. The system should be removed or replaced in case symptoms return. If symptoms have not returned after 5 years of use, continued use of the system may be considered. Remove or replace no later than 8 years after insertion. 

Protection from endometrial hyperplasia during oestrogenreplacement therapy: In the indication for protection from endometrial hyperplasia during oestrogen replacement therapy, clinical data (from clinical trials conducted in women of 18 years and over) beyond 4 years of use are limited. Mirena should therefore be removed no later than 4 years after insertion.

Kyleena (19.5mg levonorgestrel) patient support leaflets available in 10 languages

To eliminate waste where possible, we have decided to move towards digital-only patient support leaflets for Kyleena. By moving to digital-only leaflets we have been able to offer the patient support leaflet in a variety of languages on for patients to view, as well as below for your visibility. These languages include: Punjabi, Hindi, Greek, Welsh, Gujarati, Arabic, Turkish, Polish, Urdu and English.

You can view/download them from our patient materials section.

View them here

PP-PF-WHC-GB-1384  February 2024

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Reporting adverse events and quality complaints


Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at Adverse events should also be reported to Bayer plc.


If you want to report an adverse event or quality complaint, reports can be directed to: Tel: 011820‍63500 or email:


Further information is available on the “contact” tab at