Menopause Case Studies

The following case studies have been designed to support healthcare professionals with their ongoing education on the topic of the menopause. Our expert menopause panel, Dr Diana Mansour, Dr Sarah Gray and Dr Julie Oliver will cover the diagnosis, investigations, treatments, referral and next steps in eight frequently seen cases.

Case 3 Moira
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Speaking at a Bayer event

When Healthcare Professionals are speaking at any Bayer event, either digitally or in person, it is the responsibility of Bayer to ensure that the content of any presentation is compliant with the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) Code of Practice.


We recognise that this process is not necessarily clear to those outside of Bayer, so to help facilitate our approval process we have created this short video which looks at the key points you should consider when preparing for and presenting at Bayer events


Duration: 7 minutes 15 seconds


Effective patient counselling, fitter resources and patient materials available to you.


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Bayer’s intrauterine systems

Mirena® (52 mg levonorgestrel), Kyleena® (19.5 mg levonorgestrel) and Jaydess® (13.5 mg levonorgestrel) are three levonorgestrel intrauterine systems (LNG-IUS) that offer women a reliable form of contraception.


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Reporting adverse events and quality complaints

Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at Adverse events should also be reported to Bayer plc.


If you want to report an adverse event or quality complaint, reports can be directed to: Tel: 011820‍63500 or email:


Further information is available on the “contact” tab at