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E-learning modules - CPD-accredited modules to develop your knowledge and skills.

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Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (HMB): evidence-based learning for best practice

A 30-minute, scientific e-learning course developed by the HELP expert panel of independent physicians*. Three case-based modules cover the diagnostic pathway and treatment algorithm for HMB to help you to counsel your patients effectively.

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The Bayer intrauterine techniques training programme

Practical training and support for GPs and nurses who wish to gain their letter of competence in intrauterine techniques (LoC IUT) and complete the faculty of sexual and reproductive healthcare (FSRH) diploma.

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Contraception and IUS counselling

Contraception and IUS counselling This eLearning module covers how to successfully counsel women around contraception focusing on Intrauterine contraception – the IUS.

  • The formation of the HELP expert panel and its ongoing work is supported by Bayer AG. Return to content
Addressing the myths of intrauterine contraception (IUC)

Patient misconceptions are a common reason why IUC are not more widely used, despite being recommended as a first-line treatment option for HMB1,2. This web conference takes a look at the evidence that can help you to combat patient concerns and assess suitable long-term treatment options.

Case-based learning: individualising care to meet your patients’ needs

Three relatable case studies to help you determine the right diagnostic pathway and the most appropriate treatment options for the different patient types in your clinic.

  • For women with no identified pathology, fibroids less than 3 cm in diameter, which are not causing distortion of the uterine cavity, or suspected or diagnosed adenomyosis.2 Return to content

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