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Supporting younger women’s reproductive years

Supporting younger women’s reproductive years

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Does IUD Size Matter?

Dr Anne Connolly, GP with specialist interest in gynaecology/hysteroscopy


Learning objectives:

  1. Why we need to do better with contraception
  2. Factors that help intrauterine contraception uptake
  3. IUD Insertion tips and tricks
  4. Lessons learnt from hysteroscopy
  5. Continuation rates and long term IUD patient satisfaction

How to align counselling with younger women's needs?

By Dr Radhika Vohra, NHS and Private GP


Learning objectives:

  1. The contraceptive needs for younger patients
  2. The effect of COVID-19 on contraception policy
  3. What is Kyleena (19.5mg levonorgestrel) and when is it indicated?
  4. Differences between Mirena (52mg levonorgestrel) and Kyleena (19.5mg levonorgestrel)
  5. How to tackle common myths regarding IUDs
  6. Factors affecting contraceptive choices in younger patients

Digitising the approach to talking LARC

Dr Jane Davis, NHS GP


Learning objectives:

  1. Importance of LARC services
  2. Digitalising approach to counselling LARC
  3. How to find digital counselling resources
  4. How to increase confidence in counselling younger patients digitally


Dr Anne Connolly


GPSI gynaecology, CCG Board lead for maternity, children and young people NHS Bradford

Dr Anne Connolly

Having survived a two year posting to a mission hospital in rural Zimbabwe, Anne returned to general practice in inner-city Bradford in 1990 and is currently working as a GP providing care for asylum seekers, refugees, homeless populations and sex workers.


She is a GPSI in gynaecology, accredited as a hysteroscopist and FSRH trainer. She has been involved with commissioning since 2006 with remit for maternity, women’s, children and young people’s healthcare.


Anne is chair of the PCWHF and RCGP Clinical Champion for Women’s Health. She is also co-editor of Women’s Health in Primary Care.


Dr Radhika Vohra


GP with a special interest in women’s health and education

Dr Radika Vohra

Dr Vohra qualified in 2000 from the University of Birmingham Medical School (MBChB) and works as an NHS GP in Caterham and private GP at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital. Whilst enjoying all the challenges of general practice, her special interests have been in women’s health and education.


She is a Faculty Registered Trainer for the FSRH, Speaker, NHS England Appraiser and Trustee/Medical Advisor to The Menopause Charity.


Dr Vohra understands the challenges women face at each stage of their lives and offers women an opportunity to consult with confidence in the advice and treatment they receive. She is fluent in English, Punjabi and Hindi.


Dr Jane Davis


GP with a special interest in women’s health NHS South West

Dr Jane Davis

Dr Jane Davis is a GP with a special interest in women’s health whose current roles include Coil trainer, Clinical Skills Tutor, University of Plymouth & Speciality Dr for Brook Young People, Cornwall. Appearing on TV, as the public face of the PCWHF “Rock my Menopause” campaign. A feminist writer and medical educationalist.


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